Awarded the ‘Handmade in Brugge’ Label
15 JULY 2022

Margot Billiet, founder of Atelier Billiet, was awarded the 'Handmade in Brugge' label for her surface design projects in the interior and fashion market:

"For each request (B2B or B2C), we aim to develop a bespoke product that fits perfectly into its final environment. Our means are toughtful materials, perfect colors and balanced patterns.

Our mostly handmade production is a conscious choice: no stock, no waist and minimum order quantities for the client. But it also gives us the opportunity to introduce unusual materials and unexpected techniques to achieve extraordinary results."
Opening exhibition ‘KIJK’ in Damme
25 MAY 2022

Today was the opening of the exhibition 'KIJK' at NEST Stadslab Damme. We were commissioned to reconstruct a gilt leather design from the heritage collection and reproduce this as a wallpaper to adorn the ceiling of the 'Wunderkamer' in the center of the exhibition.

Since the design was so intriguing we decided to produce a limited edition for reselling.

Available in 7 colorways at 16,33€/m² (wrapped per 6m²). Contact us for samples, info and shipping.


Succesfully ended the Guilding Masterclass
31 MARCH 2022

Atelier Billiet succesfully ended the Guilding Masterclass under the supervision of Master Guilder and Decorator Daniël De Wispelaere. He is the fifth generation decorators of this famous Bruges Family.

So grateful for his time and dedication to my questions as I kept on asking things that were out of the courses scope. 100% ready to make my nearly 24K gold wallcoverings now! (its 23,75K...)
Invited by NEST Stadslab Damme
25 MARCH 2022

Atelier Billiet was invited by NEST Stadslab Damme to collaborate on the next exhibition “KIJK” running from 26.5.22 until 28.8.22.

More will be revealed soon. 



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